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This web site would not be what it is without the assistance and contributions of like minded anglers and collectors. This page is an acknowledgement of thanks to all those that have in some way contributed to this web site.

If you would also like to contribute to the web site please send any information, writing, articles or photographs to the following email address, Many thanks.


Many thanks to fwk88 a prolific seller on eBay who has supplied a fantastic array of photos of very interesting and collectible rods, check items for sale from fwk88 if you are looking to purchase some vintage tackle.

Gary Cullum

Traditional angler Gary, a confirmed cane and pin man, is chairman of historic angling club Boxmoor & District Angling Society at Hemel Hempstead and of Otterspool AC at Watford. Within angling he served on the executive committee of the former Specialist Anglers╣ Alliance, now merged into the Angling Trust, and is a Trustee of the Fish Welfare Fund.

Nobby Clark

Many thanks for all your support and Photos - a great supporter of this web site.

Paul Cook

Hand Built Split Cane Rods, Floats, Float tubes and Artwork. See Pauls wonderful web sites and

Steve from
Beckenham, Kent

Steve, requires speacial thanks. He has leant his support and knowledge and has helped to collect some of the information and examples of vintage tackle since the web site began.

Steve Boncey

Restoration and Repair of Split Cane, Whole Cane and Greenheart Rods. Vintage Reel Repair and accessories. See Steve's web site

Feb 2009 - Steve is currently available to take on repair and restoration projects, please email him directly for more information at