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Tom Watson of Nottingham - Rods



Tom Watson Rods - The Midge

InTheNetUK Photo InTheNetUK Photo

"The Midge” a 10ft, 3 piece vintage cane float rod by Tom Watson of Nottingham. Honey coloured whole cane butt and middle sections with a darker built-cane tip. The cork handle is virtually unmarked. Ferrule joints are a good tight fit. Agatine lined butt and tip rings with bright chrome wire intermediates all appear as new. Whippings all tidy and secure. In exceptionally nice and little used condition, the only down side to this rod is a bit of a downward curve in the top section. This does not affect the performance of the rod and could doubtless be straightened with a little careful heat treatment. Light enough for a lad or a lady to use though great fun for roach, dace and grayling, and if anything bigger turns up you simply lower the rod tip to bring the power of the middle section into play. With rather tatty and probably not original bag.

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