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Poles - Possibly Sowerbutts

InTheNetUK Photo InTheNetUK Photo

Cane Roach Pole, Possibly Sowerbutt !!! Estimated that the pole stems from around 1920's or 30's and possibly made by a company called Sowerbutts. The pole has a number of increments marked on the butt that are 1" apart up to 12". The tip of the pole has a braid loop and it also has a metal eyelet about 12" down from there. The total length of the pole is about 19 1/2 foot when put together. When disassembled, the top two sections fit inside each other as do the bottom two sections. There is a cork bung for the top two sections, but not for the bottom ones, I don't think there would have been one either. The pole is in Good - Excellent condition, although a couple of whippings need looking at.

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Poles - Unknow Pole

InTheNetUK Photo InTheNetUK Photo InTheNetUK Photo

Fine London Thames Style very decorative bamboo river pole, 4 piece up to 54" long brass ferrules with end caps, two pieces stores inside the other two, just look at the superb delicate whipping, in as new condition dating c 1900, few of these survive in this fine condition, with makers original cloth bag.

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