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Classic Rods - The Better Known - the ones every one wants

There is a of course a set of rods that everyone knows and that every one wants - these are the classics - the most desirable. Here is just6 a little information on some of them...

The Richard Walker Mark IV Carp & The Richard Walker Mark IV Avon

Outstanding rods hand built  by B. James & Son of London.  

Mark IV Carp

The lightness, perfect balance and power make the Mark IV a very exciting rod to handle.  It is perfect for catching large fish.  It is a supreme rod that will cast a light or fragile bait smoothly and accurately to a great distance; yet firmly and effectively master the most powerful fish.  Take for instance, Richard Walker's 44lb carp!

The Mark IV  gives the specialist carp fisherman the best means of placing his bait exactly where he wants it and connecting with his fish, regardless of how much line is taken on a 'run'.  This rod is made from the finest materials to very high standards.  It is beautifully finished and a pleasure to handle.  Although a specialized rod, the Mark IV is very versatile.  It is an excellent spinning rod for pike and small salmon.

Owning a Mark IV becomes a passion.  Ask any angler who owns one!

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Mark IV Avon

The Mark IV Avon has all the characteristics of the Carp rod but is more slender and lighter.  It is perfect for fishing heavy waters.  It casts heavy float tackle and gives quick striking and positive connection with the fish.  It is an ideal rod for the fisherman after large barbel and chub by float or ledger.

The Mark IV Avon is the ideal rod  for the angler who likes to travel light but be ready for anything.  It is so versatile and adaptable to different waters and conditions that it could be the only rod he needs to carry.  It's fame has reached enthusiasts in many countries and today, is the most famous and sought after rod.  It is first class for fishing a great variety of conditions throughout the year.

Both are fine quality rods and bear Richard Walker's well known signature. 

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Richard Walker S/U MK1V CARP

This rod is built to the same standards as our fine famous Richard Walker Mark1V Carp Rod, but is altogether heavier in build to make it suitable for use either as a really efficient and pleasurable pike rod or as a beach casting and light sea rod.

With its carefully calculated tapers, it combines tremendous power with responsive action and its casting qualities with a heavy Balt or spoon are remarkable. It is capable of efficiently handling the heaviest fish, yet will give fine play with the average run of a day's sport. For casting the heavier dead or live bait, the S/U Mark 1V is ideal, giving great accuracy and distance with positive and firm striking at a distance or in deep water.

Light and well balanced, powerful and responsive, the S/U Mark 1V is really versatile rod, which will appeal to the angler who finds his sport in a variety of waters where big fish may be encountered.


Two piece, 10 foot. Hand built bamboo. Close whipped, with large "Aqualite" tip ring. Full open-bridge intermediates. 28 inch cork butt. Doubly reinforced waterproof auction ferrules, Dual universal reel fitting. Partitioned bag.


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Peter Tomlinson Float Rod

A float fishing rod of well balanced design and excellent action. First Built to the specification of Peter Tomlinson of the "Angling Times" This rod quickly made friends amongst a few select anglers, and its success decided us in adding it to a steadily growing range of rods.

An indeed the "Peter Tomlinson" Is a first class float rod, Combining lightness and strength with quick striking and inherent resilience, A rod of as much appeal to the match man to roving angler. It will be an immediate favourite with bank fishers, but with its 12 foot 3 inches, and its long cork butt, It combines adequate length with the ability to fish the nearer water when desired. For Swimming down light tackle at the rod tip or for searching the middle stream, it will be found ideal.

Like other rods in the B.James & Son range it has fine casting properties and a large acolyte butt ring is fitted to facilitate casting a longer line with either centre pin or fixed spool.


Length 12 feet comprising two 4 foot 11 inches. Split cane Joints and a separate butt with 29 inch cork grip. Finest split bamboo throughout. Reinforced waterproof suction ferrules. Aqualite tip ring and large Butt ring. Full stand-off intermediates. Close whipped throughout. Light alloy universal reel fittings. Finished with several coats special quality varnish. Supplied in strong partitioned bag.


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Avon Perfection

For Swimming down light or medium float tackle the Avon Perfection gives pleasurable fishing under all conditions. It is remarkably light and well balanced, with adequate length to give good line, control and quick striking. Delicate enough to give good sport with 4 oz. Dace and strong enough to master the odd specimen, the Avon Perfection is an extremely attractive rod for the float fisherman on river or still waters.

It will cast even single shot tackle delicately and precisely. Though light in its self, the Avon Perfection has plenty of power in reserve and excellent easy action in its length. This makes it an ideal rod for long trotting, giving rapid pick up on a long line and firm striking at distance.

It is a rod designed to give the fullest pleasure in the playing of most fish and the experienced angler will find it competent to handle even the heavier species. A delightfully well balanced rod, well fitted and beautifully finished rod, the Avon Perfection will undoubtedly endear itself to all those who use it, and form an essential part of the equipment of the keen all round angler.


11 foot 3 inches 3 sections. Specially selected Tonkin cane butt, built cane middle and top joints. Closely whipped "Aqualite" butt and tip rings. High "Bells life" intermediates. Waterproof suction ferrules. Cork handle with sliding winch fittings and specially shaped easy grip top. Rubber button. Partitioned bag.


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Kennet Perfection

the Kennet Perfection you have a rod which has been designed from start to finish specially for the long trotting enthusiast, whether he fish for the quick-biting roach or the wily chub.

On all strong flowing rivers, and in the weir pools, where heavier float tackle is required, the Kennet Perfection will cast perfectly, and give full control of line over distances. It is the ideal rod for searching eddies and over hung banks of typical chub water and it is quite and is quite capable of
 holding big barbel in a strong stream.

Built with an easier action that ordinary bottom-fishing rod, it is yet quick and responsive to the strike and gives the angler confident mastery of any specimen fish he any encounter. Its rapid pick of long line is one of its most remarkable characteristics. Light, powerful and well balanced, the Kennet Perfection has been tried and tested on several fisheries and has justified its name in the very perfection of its performance.


Top and middle sections of finest selected and hand built split bamboo, each 4 foot 9 inches long. Separated cork 2 foot long with balanced butt and grip. "Aqualite" tip and butt rings, full stand off intermediates. Reinforced waterproof suction ferrules. Close-whipped throughout. Light alloy universal sliding reel fittings. Finished several coats of best quality varnish. Supplied in strong partitioned bag.


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