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Vintage Rods - How Much

The BEST vintage tackle is expensive. It was expensive when it was new because it was the best, and because it was largely hand-made. Since that time it has risen in value because demand exceeds supply. Rods that have been restored to a high standard have had perhaps 40 hours of highly skilled work lavished upon them. It stands to reason that such rods cannot be cheap.

There are any number of trite homilies that might be applied to this. Wise council reminds us that we rarely regret extravagance, and almost always regret expedience. Most of us find that the best is usually the cheapest in the long run. Buy the best tool for the job, and its quality will repay you over many years.

Bear in mind that is takes as almost as long to restore a low quality rod, as is does to restore a rod of the finest quality. So, the better the rod, the greater is the underlying value within the price paid.

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